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22 Nov
SSAB Europe participates in a VTT project to improve competitiveness in the European steel industry
SSAB Europe is one of the companies involved in the Morse project headed by VTT Technical Research Institute of Finland to improve processes in the European steel industry. The main focus is on developing new software tools which can be used to improve, manage and speed up production processes. This will improve products, business, competitiveness and cost and raw material efficiency in the industry. The EUR 5.7 million project will last four years and is being funded mainly by the European Union together with the other companies involved.
21 Nov
New SSAB M43 hardenable steel is a revolution in reliable performance and easy quenching
SSAB M43 steel can be quenched in plain water without an immediate need for tempering, and still reach exceptionally high values for hardness and impact strength. 
21 Nov
Cd’A Metals: Keeping up to date with products and innovations
Cd’A Metals has delivered metals to customers since the Idaho Gold Rush in the 1880s. Even though the world and the materials have changed, the goal is to always deliver the best service, the highest quality and to stay on top of innovations.