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22 Mar
Swedish Steel Prize 2017 finalists lead the way with innovative design concepts
Truly innovative design concepts pushing utilization of high-strength steels to the limits characterize this year’s four finalists for the Swedish Steel Prize. The winner will be announced at a ceremony in Stockholm on May 11.
17 Mar
Duroxite™ overlay products can mean significant savings for the customer
Duroxite overlay products are abrasion-resistant materials deposited on top of mild steel or Hardox wear plate to create an extremely wear-resistant compound material. Duroxite overlay products can add months or even years of trouble-free operations in extreme wear situations. These products are offered by SSAB’s Hardox Wearparts Centers.
16 Mar
Forming – the secret to ensuring robustness in high-strength steel applications
How do you turn a flat piece of sheet steel into a bumper, car seat, crane boom, or a complex crash safety component? The answer is that it needs to be bent or stamped into a specific geometric shape to create the desired characteristics. This process is known as forming.