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4 Dec
SSAB initiates study in Finland for fossil-free steel
SSAB starts a study in Finland for fossil-free steelmaking. In line with the HYBRIT project, SSAB is taking the next step for a completely fossil-free steel value chain. In partnership with Gasum, Neste and St1, SSAB is initiating an Energy4HYBRIT prefeasibility study supported by Business Finland to investigate the use of fossil-free energy sources, primarily biomaterial side-streams, to replace fossil fuels in certain steelmaking processes, for example rolling processes. The Raahe mill will act as SSAB’s pilot.
21 Nov
SSAB’s road transportation digitalized through eTransport
Digitalization is part of logistics today. Innovative technology makes it possible to track and plan shipments more efficiently. Client requirements for transport chain visibility and traceability are also recognized by SSAB. The first step in digitalization of the transport chain is to adopt electronic data interchange. Digitalizing information makes it more adaptable for numerous applications as digital services are developed. 
15 Nov
Shape Corp. wins Swedish Steel Prize 2019
The winner of the 20[th] international Swedish Steel Prize is Shape Corp. from the United States. The prize is awarded for the groundbreaking use of martensitic steel in a 3D formed tube for automotive roof rail applications.