Newsroom Mechanical splices available to even larger RD pile sizes
February 26, 2016 08:00 CET

Mechanical splices available to even larger RD pile sizes

SSAB offers now threaded mechanical splice also for RD270/12.5 pile size. Mechanical splicing reduces the need for welding on site. The quality of the splicing will be good in all weather conditions.


Better quality splices with mechanical solutions

Welding of a connection on a load bearing structure is always demanding. On construction site the weather conditions can vary a lot, which makes it even more demanding. Many of these weather related difficulties and problems can be avoided when splicing of a pile is done mechanically.

Threaded mechanical splices have been available for drilled RD piles up to pile size RD220. Now SSAB can also offer RD270 pile size with mechanical threaded splice. Threaded splice is available for pile sizes RD270/10 and RD270/12.5 with steel grades up to S460MH.

The splice has been tested and approved. The splice meets the requirements given in European Technical Assessment ETA 12/0526 for SSAB’s steel piles and it has been added to ETA. RD270 piles with mechanical splice will be CE marked like all SSAB’s steel piles.

No additional external sleeve needed

New splice has no additional sleeve. In splicing first pile element has male threads and the second one has female threads. This reduces the time needed for splicing. Also the amount of parts needed to make a splicing reduces.