Hardox overview EcoUpgraded Wood chip side tipper

“Chipping away at emissions”

Wood Chip Side Tipper

In this case 5,500 kg of Hardox® 450 replace 7,500 kg of S700MC steel in a side tipper. In addition 1,050 kg of Strenx® 960 steel replace 1,500 kg of S500 steel in the chassis. This means a weight reduction, for the upgraded parts, of up to 30 %. In total a weight reduction of 2,450 kg, which increased the load capacity, resulting in higher fuel efficiency and transport efficiency.


SSAB EcoUpgraded

Together with our customers, SSAB continually upgrades steel and equipment designs. SSAB EcoUpgraded saves CO2 both in steel production and during the full lifetime of the machine.

From the CO2 payback time and onwards, every extra hour brings additional savings.

Savings on CO2

  Calculation data
Fuel consumption, fully loaded 40 litres/km
Fuel consumption, without load 24 litres/km
Machine usage per year 180 000 km/year
Distance with maximum load 50 %
Service lifetime 10 years
Maximum payload (before upgrading) 20 000 kg
Gross weight (fully loaded) 40 000 kg
Weight of original parts 9 000 kg
Weigtt of upgraded parts 6 550 kg