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Hook lift frame

This assembly kit for a Hook Lift Frame consists of precision laser cut tubes and cold formed profiles made of Strenx 700 MC high strength steel. The tested and verified design offers a strong and light alternative to a traditional design using typical mild steel standard hot rolled sections. 

The parts included in the assembly kit are welded together to form a complete hook lift frame for further use as a base in building hook lift tippers, containers etc. with a maximum load capacity of 20.000 kg over 6.0 m length.


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Features and benefits

  • Laser cut parts with a precise fitment offer simplified positioning of components and an efficient final assembly. 
  • Up to 30% reduced weight of the frame with maintained load capacity.
  • Up to 60% reduced assembly time. 
  • Up to 70% reduced weld bead length. 
  • Less distortion and need of straightening after welding.

Kit content

• All of SSAB pre-fabricated parts for complete assembly. 
• Hook and roller set (optional). 
• Assembly Drawings. 
• Assembly Instructions.

Delivery conditions 

• Hot rolled and cold formed tubes with laser or plasma cut edges. 
• Cold formed profiles and flat sheet metal parts in hot rolled material.


• Tube parts according to SFS-EN9013-341/342, SFS-EN 22768-1-m 
• Other parts according to SFS-EN9013-231/432

Delivery terms

• FCA Borlänge

Technical data




Width Hook height  

parts in kit 

 20.000 kg  6.2 m    6.0  m                  2.55 m                  1.45 m               497 kg                  

Processing and other recommendations

Welding, bending and machining Recommendations are found in SSAB’s brochures at www.ssab.com or consult Tech Support, techsupport@ssab.com. Follow the assembly instructions with reference to pre-assembly and welding sequences. 

Appropriate health and safety precautions must be taken when welding, cutting, grinding or otherwise working on this product during assembly.


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